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It's Your Turn To Play

The Ares Burger Business Simulation Game will test your teamwork, leadership, strategy, decision making and problem solving skills through a fun game play designed to discover your business and entrepreneurship style.

Build your business through play.

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9.00am – 5.00pm

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Key Learning

Key Learning - Leadership
Key Learning - Strategising
Key Learning - Decision Making
Key Learning - Problem-based Learning
ABBS Key Learning - More
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What Previous Players Have Said

This is my second time playing. I wanted to rebuild my skills and challenge myself again with new people, new environment so that I can go back to my business and learn from my mistakes. I'm still learning new things. It doesn't mean that because I've played before that I don't learn anything more. I also learnt from other teams as well.
I think this game is really good. A lot of self-realization in terms of you can apply it in your business or in terms of your own life, whichever stage it may be.

One of the things I've learnt is to go at your own pace. Be your own competitor rather than comparing your business to other people's growth.
Testimonial - Lenore
I came in with zero expectations wanting to learn and absorb whatever I can. I had a lot of self-realization moments, things that we don't know about ourselves. For example, how much of a risk taker I can actually be instead of what I used to think.

I would recommend this game to new entrepreneurs.
Testimonial - Jerry

Your Investment

Price - Super Early Bird RM88
Ares Burger Early Bird Price - RM98
Ares Burger Normal Price - RM120
Price - Students RM88

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