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You’ve got a great idea for a business and wondering how to start?

Hover/Tap your options below to learn more about the choices you can make.

Option 1: Be Spirited!

Commit your time and money and learn as you go. Pray that you can bounce back from any mistakes or failures without going bankrupt. And one day, when you are successful, stand on stage and sing “I did it my way!”

Option 2: Be Sensible!

Spend a few days sitting through an entrepreneurship course and learn the General Theories of Starting a Business and figure out how to make your business fit into those theories.

Option 3: Be Smart!

Save your time and money, by spending a day with Rema Synergy, getting practical insights and testing out real-world applicable concepts by playing the ARES Burger Business simulation.

Save money, save time and find out how ready you are to start and run a business and have fun learning!


ARES Burger is an immersive and proven business simulation game that has helped entrepreneurs and business teams learn to strategise, problem solve and adapt to challenges.

Through strategic decision-making and collaboration, players work together to grow their Fast Food Burger Business and maximise profits. From setting up a burger stall to expanding the business empire, participants learn valuable skills such as teamwork, inventory management, sales strategies, and effective communication under pressure.

The game incorporates competitive elements, with teams navigating both internal dynamics and external factors like evolving laws, environmental crises, and rival sabotage.

It's Your Turn To Play

The Ares Burger Business Simulation Game will test your teamwork, leadership, strategy, decision making and problem solving skills through a fun game play designed to discover your business and entrepreneurship style.

Build your business through play.

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9.00am – 5.00pm

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Key Learning

Key Learning - Strategising

Strategising for Maximum Profits

Master the art of strategic thinking and planning to make informed decisions that drive business growth.

Key Learning - Problem-based Learning

Problem Solving

Engage in hands-on learning by tackling real-world business challenges, fostering critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

Key Learning - Decision Making

Enhanced Decision Making

Enhance your decision-making capabilities by analyzing information, evaluating options, and choosing the best course of action.

Key Learning - Leadership

Effective Leadership

Develop and demonstrate effective leadership skills by guiding and motivating the team towards success.

High Performing Teams

Collaborate effectively with team members, communicate, and coordinate actions to achieve shared goals.

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What Previous Players Have Said

This is my second time playing. I wanted to rebuild my skills and challenge myself again with new people, new environment so that I can go back to my business and learn from my mistakes. I'm still learning new things. It doesn't mean that because I've played before that I don't learn anything more. I also learnt from other teams as well.
I think this game is really good. A lot of self-realization in terms of you can apply it in your business or in terms of your own life, whichever stage it may be.

One of the things I've learnt is to go at your own pace. Be your own competitor rather than comparing your business to other people's growth.
Testimonial - Lenore
I came in with zero expectations wanting to learn and absorb whatever I can. I had a lot of self-realization moments, things that we don't know about ourselves. For example, how much of a risk taker I can actually be instead of what I used to think.

I would recommend this game to new entrepreneurs.
Testimonial - Jerry

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